Mambo Wanda Wetlands

Reserves and Landcare Committee - Salamander Bay - Port Stephens.

The Mambo Wanda Wetlands, Reserves and Landcare 355c Committe is a Volunteer Committee of Port Stephens Council.  It operates under the rules of the Local Government Act, and is monitored by Port Stephens Council with regard to Financial Reporting, WH&S training and practice.

Mambo Wetlands and Wanda Wetlands are situated primarily in Salamander Bay, Port Stephens in New South Wales.

Both Wetlands have a strong Aboriginal history and connection for the local Maaiangal people, a clan of the Worimi Nation.

Our aim is to protect, maintain and enhance these wetlands, encourage public visitation while safeguarding Aboriginal Cultural Heritage as well as the wetlands’ diverse flora and fauna for present and future generations.
Regular activities involve: 

  • Removal of introduced weed species using hand tools and 'cut-and-poison' method
  • Restoration of degraded bush-land sites
  • Replanting cleared areas with suitable local species
  • Monitoring water quality
  • Maintenance of walking tracks and signs
  • Removal of litter within and in the surrounds of the wetlands
  • Installation of barriers to restrict illegal access of vehicles and motor-bikes
  • Preparation of submissions for various Awards
  • Preparation of Funding Applications for environmental projects 

Benefits to the Community:

  • Native habitat regeneration
  • Re-vegetation of degraded areas
  • Increased quality habitat for native animals
  • Increased wildlife corridors
  • Natural areas for passive recreation such as bird watching, nature study and bushwalking


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